Kelowna Pianos in the Park

Festival's Kelowna has placed pianos throughout our downtown area for the 2nd year.  What a great summer this will be to hear all the local talent on these specially place instruments.  

Way to go Kelowna!  

Thanks to Disney Interactive, Festivals Kelowna and Keystone Music!

 I think all my students should go downtown and play at least one song,

because not everyone can do what you do!


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I went downtom today to play the piano Steven Tyler  While I was there I met  a woman with a tremendous voice and she had music with her so...I accompanied her and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! Its wonderful to share the love of the piano with other people, all different styles, but still the same love. These pianos are a great way to meet people from Kelowna and all around the world! Thank you Festivals Kelowna and Disney!

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