Benefits of Playing the Piano

There are many benefits to learning to play the piano.  you will see improvements in:


Hand-Eye Coordination


Memory Development

Self Esteem


Lowering Stress



Playing the piano is also a great excercise for both the muscles and the brain


Seniors who study piano will also see improvements beyond the above benefits listed. You may not know that playing the piano:

  • will lessen anxiety, loneliness and depresssion, three factors that are critical in coping with stress, stimulating the immune system and imporving health.

  • will increase levels of human growth hormone (HGH), which is implicated in such aging phenomena as osteoporisis, energy levels, wrinkly,  muscle mass, and aches and pains.

  • activates the cerebellum and therefore may aid stroke victims in regaining language capabilities

  • will enhance your memory

  • will give you better focus

  • will improve your brain chemistry, aiding in keeping dimentia at bay

  • lowers blood pressure

  • enhances your quality of life

Starting Adult Piano Lessons has quite a few advantages:

  • You choose it because you want to, not because someone else wants you to.  Your piano teacher is grateful for that also!

  • You can read, understand and apply instructions without many reminders

  • You learn faster

  • You hands will easily fold the "cupped" shape as you play

  • You know what you want, what music you like, and what pieces you would like to learn

Mental Health Benefits for Seniors

Learning to play music can help seniors beat the blues. It has been proven that the seniors who learned to play the keyboard reported decreased depresseion, lessened anxiety and lowered loneliness levels.  In 2005, a research study led by Dr. Barry Bittman found that playing a musical instrument reduced stress more than other relaxing activities such as reading the newspaper.  Playing the piano can help with your memory retention, and adds to your physical and emotional well-being, but learning an instrument in your senior years has other pluses as well.  These include allowing you to express yourself spritually and creatively, and even introducing you to new freindships as you pursue your love of music.  Finally, but perhaps most importantly, you can enrich the lives of your grandchildren and others around you through the gift of music

Finally, let's not forget that all the benefits and advantages of adult lessons aside....

playing the piano and making music....who needs any other reason than that!

Expanded Business Hours

To accomodate my student's busy schedules, I have extended my teaching hours.  I am open evenings now for those you who work during the day or go to school.. Once a week I am mobile for students who are unable to get to me.  Call me for details (250)763-4115


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Extended business hours

To accomodate my student's busy schedules,

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