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In the beginning, EZee Piano Systems uses a different type of music notation that is easy to understand and allows almost all students to play hands together from the first lesson.  The EZee Piano System notation allows the student to become familiar with and comfortable over the entire piano.  INSTANT ACHIEVEMENT is realized!

Theory is introduced from the first lesson and corresponds with the music the students are learning. EZee Piano Systems uses the common sense approach.  You will be playing over the entire kepyboard with ease making the "language" of music easy to comprehend and play.

This system is taught in groups which makes learning more enjoyable for all.  Students benefit as group work allows them to be more comfortable playing in front of others.

Ezee Piano Systems introduce the piano in a unique and exciting way for Young Adults, Adults, and Seniors. The program's focus is for adults and seniors that have always wanted to learn how to play the piano, meet people with similiar interests, have fun learning, but most importantly accomplish their dreams of making music!

Adults can accomplish piano playing with Ezee Piano Systems in as little as six months what normally takes over two and a half years with traditional methods.



Here is a video from Paulette Breault, the creator of Ezee Piano Systems

The Surprising Benefits of Learning a Musical Instrument

People of all ages are drawn toward the international language of music.  The benefits of learning a musical intstrument (such as the piano, the mother instrument) are many, and these benefits exted well into our senior years.


Improve Hearing

A common complaint of older adults is difficulty hearing speech in noise.  Studies have shown that learning music, even later in life, can improve the ability to communicate in complex, noisy environments, supporting the idea that the brain can be trained to overcome some age-related hearing loss.  Walter Hall, 81 years old of Kelowna, stated that since taking piano lessons he can hear conversations better while dining at a restaurant.  "You trained my brain to zero in on what I need to hear!"


Protect Against Memory Loss

Music is like a gym class for the mind, body and emotions no matter what your age.  Consider your brain a muscle and find opportunities to flex it, such as starting a  new hobby.  A second common complaint of older adults is loss of memory.  Senior Alice Mumm of Peachland (volunteer) stated after 2 months of taking piano she can now write two to three phrases at a time versus two to three words at a time whe she goes to workshops.  "I can listen to what the speaker is saying and write down my notes at the same time.  I could not do this before!"

It is believed that the processes involved in playing a musical instrument may provide the cognitive exercise the brain needs to protect iteslf against memory loss.  This has implications in preventing ALzheimer's and dementia as well.


Anti-Aging Effects

University of Miami findings revealed that the test group who took group kepboard lessons showed significantly higher levels of HgH than the control group of people who did not make music.  Human growth hormone is a chemical important for overall good health.  It is important in slowing aging factors such as osteoporosis, wrinkles and general aches and pain.


Beat the Blues

Music has been shown not only to reduce tension and anziety but also to help reduce the feeling of isolation and solitude.  Studies show that having quality relationships with  other people has a direct effect on the amount of loneliness we feel.  Trying new things can provide a new common ground on which to meet other people.


Many More Benefits

Reduce stress, express yourself creatively, to be able to play Happy Birthday at family gatherings, develop confidence, gain pride, and enjoy a sense of acheivement.


If you want to have fun, excercise your brain, and meet people with similar interests, why not play the piano for your brain.  It is a lot more fun than Sudoku!


By Paulette Breault, National Director of EZee Piano Systems and Joanna Hibberd (Pentiction Ezee Piano Instructor, ARCT, RMT)





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