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Fall classes will resume in early October.  There are only 10 spots available this year as the Ezee Piano program is so popular!  Many Kelowna Seniors and Adults are living their dream of playing the piano as this is an easy accelerated program that has you playing quickly!  If you are interested in joining, please send me an email at maryellen@kelownapiano.com or call 250-448-4882.

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My name is Mary Ellen Tabor and I am a graduate of the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto and have played professionally in Kelowna for over 12 years. I play music from the 30's right up to present day. I love sharing my love of the piano with all my students in my studio here in Kelowna. I accept students from age 7 up to 97! Are you ready to really learn the piano? Perhaps you had lessons as a child. You may have taught yourself a few songs here and there, or maybe you've never played a single note, but have always wanted to. Have you always wanted to learn bass chording? I  can teach you several ways to chord and you will be playing like a seasoned player. The point is, you've never really learned to play. Are you ready? I can teach you a system that will have you playing and enjoying yourself in a very short period ! Now is the time! Make a change in your life for the better! Let's get your mind working in a fun and rewarding way! The health benefits are tremendous! Give me a call and lets see where we can begin your musical journey! 

Fact: 20% of children play  music.....70% of adults wish they had

PSSSTTTTT.....Kelowna...Did you know there are seniors taking piano lessons in Glenmore and Kelowna that are having fun learning and keeping their minds active?

Am I Too Old to Start Learning to Play the Piano?



You are never too old to learn to play the piano.  Adults often start learning in retirement and not only get much enjoyment and pleasure from this pastime, but in a few short months start to reap the health benefits as well.  You probably won't be a concert pianist, but you will learn pure enjoyment of music.  You will be playing for your own enjoyment so the pressure is off! The lessons are alot of fun.  I think people worry too much about their expectations rather than enjoying the process. Yes, you will need to practice. I personally think if you give 30 minutes per day towards your music, you will have lots of success. Don't worry about being "too old", just enjoy yourself.  Play the piano because it's something you enjoy and embrace the possibility that there is no more perfect moment to begin than now.



EZee Piano Systems

I am also a Certified Teacher of the EZee Piano System which is a Beginner Piano Program for Adults and Seniors. If you have always wanted to play the piano and never got around to learning, this is the program for you! You will play with both hands from the very start and soon you will be travelling up and down the keyboard with ease.  Adults can accomplish piano playing with EZee Piano Systems in as little as six months what normally takes over two and a half years with traditional methods.  Call today for your FREE demonstration lesson! 

New Mobile Service!

I have recently had some requests to travel to my students who are unable to get to me.  I have decided to dedicate one day a week for travel teaching, so I'm now on the road! Maybe you have already seen me driving by! If you are interested in having me come to your home to teach you, give me a call and we can set up an appointment! Looking forward to meeting you soon!


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I have extended my teaching hours and am now open later. CHECK OUT MY MOBILE SERVICE!


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